Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So many Consuls, so little time

After each Consular event, the impressions are vibrant and fresh. Writing a blog regularly, takes mental power and a wish to be heard, rather,..read. I just write on occasion, mostly as loose record keeping.
The work that we, Honorary consuls do, is in a way intense and not necessarily rewarded.
 The last few weeks have been busy....the FĂȘte National in Quebec and here in Montreal. It was magnificent in Quebec City with Premiere Couillard and his lovely wife. The scene seemed perfect; mostly because of the weather, ambiance and enthusiasm! It was good to have lunch in one of the many nice restaurants afterwards.

Mayor Coderre was more than generous, both times! He has a warmth and appeal that is sure to get him elected again.

The Greek Consul General was in great form at the FĂȘte nationale reception at City Hall! His language skills are impressive and he has an archaic profile!

I loved talking with the Lithuanian Honorary consular pair...they are so nice...and not to forget the White Rabbit of diplomacy...he draws everyone towards him, and soothes them, like a true violin maker!

Finally,...today I painted! But it was on a commissioned painting for B, which I promised last year! If he only knew how many hours it takes to paint his Ferrari winning Formula 1. Painting cars is something I'm doing for a friend...because my true talent is painting people. But there is a person in the car, and that gives it personality!

I'm really looking forward to the portrait of A.

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