Sunday, May 11, 2014

Artistic May in Montreal

Somehow I completely missed April in this blog...of course it's not the only month I missed!  But it was an important month for my artistic evolution and expression!  It is the month in which I created my large abstract diptych, "Hermes' wings", which everyone loves!  It is also the month in which the "jump" or "wind" painting began! April was a busy creative month despite the cold weather and physical difficulties I had.  But May is full of obligations, clutter and tension.  The heat began yesterday, all of a sudden, as though a Cuban wave followed us all the way from Varadero. But it's not's asphalty, pot-holed, dusty Montreal. It's only in the last few days that tulips have come out and leaves are starting to bud on the bare tree branches!  Hopefully it will all be green within a week! Nature has a lot of artistry to do very quickly!  I just realised that today is Mother's day....
Another time, another day,
My Mother, so far away!
Now I will try to download the studio photo with the new paintings by Marina!
This was the studio at the end of April...the freedom caught in motion.....temporary flight anticipating happiness!