Thursday, February 28, 2013

Colors of a Woman and Colours of a Woman, my Art Show

I had no idea that my spelling of colors was American and that the Canadian spelling is colours!  I guess it's because I went to grade school in the States and that is where I learned my first colors just comes naturally to me, just as colours come naturally to me:) 

Today I started on the portrait of M.  I hope it will be ready for my Colours of a Woman exhibition in Ottawa.  There is so much work going into this exhibition, that it's unbelievable....but as MN has to suffer for our art....I guess that if I didn't know the meaning of suffering, I would be doing something else.

In any case The colours of a woman...couleurs de femme, will take us on a journey from my days in Sarajevo, to my days in another city, to  student days..... to today, my beautiful, cold, Montreal days.

There is no stopping of days, and I write this 37 minutes before another day:)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Planning the Show for International Women's Day

I remember when I was a student in Belgrade, being stopped on the street and offered flowers from strangers on International Women's Day.
 The holiday is catching up in Canada and I will be having my show in Ottawa to celebrate it!  It will be organized by the Embassy of Bosnia and Hercegovina, who are doing the honor of recognizing me as one of theirs and as one of Canada's  leading artists.
Actually, I feel quite Cosmopolitan.  As M concluded, after having heard my life story....I am a Cosmopolitan, like him!
But roots are roots, and I was born in Sarajevo... and Bosnia exists in her present form,...ever changing, just as a woman is everchanging...and we can make her even more beautiful while she lasts in this form!  Of course there is the Hercegovina....I think that is the masculine part!

The important thing is to chose the right paintings of the many, which reflect the reality and truth and which will be understood and appreciated.