Sunday, October 31, 2010

Studio Photo

Here is the first image of my studio on this blog.  I chose an older image... before the big flood.  The fire painting was abstract for one year before the image of the cosmic firespinner appeared. To see it, one must come to the studio, but in this photo we see another rare piece, just below the fire, called "tragovi".

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Lesson

The reason the letters were so big was that I was posting them in the title space
Now if I could only figure out how to make the other letters (such as comments, no comments, etc)  in the blog space a bit smaller.  At this point I'm basically writing to myself...I guess that's what blogs are in the first place...anyhow I see that I can import an image so I will try to import a painting soon.
After viewing my blog for the first time...there are changes that I want to make such as color and letter size, so in case you read this bear with me and be far as the writing goes, there are lots of things to say.  I have started a new painting with a new model, "S", who is very inspiring.  As soon as I learn how to post photos, I will post one of the painting.  It is very luminous.
This is the first sentence on my blog!  Not a very exciting sentence, though I am excited to finally start a blog.  It all came about because mihajlo and nikola ilic wrote to me and when I checked out nikola's blog I saw how easy it was to start.  Now the hard part is to continue and to learn how to import photos and manage the blog.  The writing is easy, so that is what I will do for now.