Monday, April 22, 2013

New painting to begin today!

This is the first  post regarding the new painting but am having a hard time posting from the iPad. It is posting from right to left and the space is filling up in that direction.   I don't know how it will look on the post but the radio energy is very strong so I will wait to get to a regular computer.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Montreal chair from Baltimore or somewhere in the U.S.

I don't even know where Baltimore is. And where is Philadelphia, by the way, if the chair happens to be from there?  And how about Phoenix or wherever the chair was found by Internet?  Very nice packaging of a special bamboo chair just for for me!  And it's a beautiful chair with short legs.  I wonder if I got any of the American cities of the chair's origin right! It doesn't matter because the chair is probably not from the U.S. at all.  I feel that it is from a country such as Sri Lanka, but that is my intuition working overtime. 

I am sure that today they had a few jumps in stocks and blood pressure in the glass palace. It was a very interesting visit and discovery for me!  I would love to have that red, organic, womb-like couch!

I sketched the chair in my studio just to mark the day and to follow the ancient Greek artists axiom of drawing at least one line a day!  I almost feel like the chair is from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. I grew up with fairy tales and he was one of my favourite authors, but so sad!  Will the story of the chair be a sad or happy one?

Now I must focus on the must be finished before the 25th of May! The chair needs a cushion. I sat on it and made my own pose...if only the ghost of Velasquez could have seen!

I will have a few special visitors to the studio in the next few days and's as though the studio is taking on a life of its own...every person that enters leaves their energy, and these energies combined create a story...a story of Montreal, going faster and faster! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Portraits again!

I think that at one time I had sworn off portraits so that I could concentrate on the big paintings...and here I am doing them again.  As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same!  I've done so many portraits in the past, friends, family, famous people, soon to be famous people, etc....and now I'm back at it again.  I guess I never really stopped....even my big paintings are portraits...The one of M is giving me the biggest challenge because of her subtleness which hides an inner I should capture that as a glow...because the fire would be too strong, yet the expressionistic edge of the orange and blue mixture are necessary to the painting. Must work on it tomorrow.  Yesterday, I erased everything I did in a fit of insecurity, before anyone could see  it.  Now, even I wish to have looked at it for a bit before deciding to smudge it out.  That is the thing with oils...a new layer can be completely lifted if it is still wet.  In this case, there is still some left, and by tomorrow everything will be dry, (because of the medium), and ready for a new layer.

The portrait of Mr. B. is finished and I added some writing which defines him.  I took all of V's advice, as to make him seem kindlier...less feigned arrogance...more sparkle in the eyes..., so now, kindliness is the first expression that comes to mind when viewing it, at least that's what S said. K thought that he looks preoccupied, but in a good way!  Ah portraits! face holds a thousand expressions, and I search and find the one which tells them all!