Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo of me working

Finally, I downloaded a photo!  I figured out how to do it with the new system and from the iPad. I have to download them to another site first, and only then can I download them to the blog.  I decided against downloading just the paintings alone, so this is one of me working on an acrylic; lake with flowers and mountains, painting.  It is a melange of my past and recent memories of B.C., Greece, and Quebec!

                                                                                   Marina Gavanski Zissis

What a Summer!

The Summer is over and the only good thing about it was the Survival part.  So many haven't survived, out of myriad reasons.  I hope the Karma will be better this autumn.  The new painting I wrote about was completed in August.  I can't post it before the book is finished, for copyright reasons, but it's beautiful!  I took most of September off oil paintings, and worked on a few sunny watercolours. I even started on one with the September moon. Somehow oil painting and hot sunny days don't mix...unless you can jump into a pool or the sea and clean up!
In case anyone is reading this and wondering why there are no photos, it's because this clever artist hasn't figured out how to do it from an iPad yet!  Will definitely need to consult with a more tech savvy friend.  Till then, I leave my blog with soft colours in my thoughts.
Soft colours of autumn have arrived,
Replacing the scented ones of roses.