Saturday, July 26, 2014

July Portrait

The portrait of M is finished for now.  I am not 100 % satisfied, because the expression of the face does not convey the playful side of him.  It is very serious and dignified.  Maybe those are his predominant characteristics?  But the playfulness is presented by the I guess that is where the secret lies, in the colours!  I used Matisse-like colours for the portrait, all because M said he wanted a red background and, of course, that calls for strong expressionistic colours as a compliment!  I first painted in a pure red background and worked on top of that.  It is too bad I don't know how to import photos to show the portrait, but it turned out well.  I used predominantly palette knives and the painting is quite three-dimensional, even though the background is one colour!

The portrait was begun about a year ago and it is now ready. But you never know with portraits.  Perhaps M will want a change?  I will see.  Some people are very happy with their portraits, while very few are not.  Maybe I see something they don't wish to acknowledge, or I simply capture a moment they don't recognize.  There are so many emotions that pass through our minds and thoughts.  The secret is to paint the essence of the person.  So I think that the dignity in this portrait is definitely M's essence.

What is next?  The sun is illuminating the Cedars, moving ever so quickly.  Now, only the tips are in light!  Beauty of of the of July.