Friday, March 27, 2015

Warming up Humanity

I was very touched by a phrase I read in the paper should definitely go into the annals of great phrases!  It was uttered by B. Kalif, a Montreal hero.  He said that Humanity these days is like the weather, it's cold as hell!  No truer words were uttered for a long time!  Hopefully these words will inspire people to be more humane, and not some conglomerate to make jeans and money with the slogan.
I feel sorry that I have to voice that fear, but it is just as true as the words the young hero uttered. It is the very reason that we are lacking Humanity, because everyone and everything is profit oriented. Imagine a world in which money and profit do not exist and the only goal is Humanity!
I think that is my driving hope, that we will one day become more humane, as our mothers were; as we were taught by our elders.  I hope it happens before we become elders. As it is, the Elders are being put away and Humanity is a forgotten word, all until a young and completely unexpected hero comes along and restores it into our consciousness!
My paintings have always related to the face of Humanity.

Saturday, March 21, 2015 a gift on uTube

Today, I am finally writing a bit in this Almost forgotten art blog of mine.  I think the main reason I don't write too much is the privacy issue. And the funny thing is, we write blogs, exActly for the reason  of being read.  But somehow, knowing there is someone reading it for the wrong reasons puts a damper on the creative pleasure of writing. Today's exhibit of Vlada Velickovic's works has re-sparked my urge to write a bit.  His works have brought back the pain all of us Beogradjani felt during the civil war which tore our old country apart. It is great to see how well received he is in Montreal! What a vision!  And he is consistent to himself.
The city we live in exerts an unseen force on our painting, despite all that we carry within us.  In my case, it is a mosaic of cities, and personal experiences.  Coincidentally The newest  painting I am planning is in tones of white and black. But before starting it I practiced on my gifted flowers, a bit like stretching. I could call it sketching stretching:) Somehow, i feel the need to paint every living thing that enters my studio, even flowers.

 Upon seeing my uTube presentation: Marina Gavanski Art Symphony;
S said that my black and white works are the most striking. .

The key for Z is taking a lot of my time.  Choosing the best photo of all those possibilities that J photographed for me is difficult and time consuming. Yet when I compare the real painting with the photo, there is always something missing.  There is nothing like the original!