Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 2012 in Montreal

At the speed that time flies by in this blog, days have become minutes and years seem like days!  It is already april 2012 and almost a year since I last wrote.  April is a strange month in Montreal, a month of transformation, from ugliness to beauty, from dirt to cleanliness.  After winter there are hundreds of papers littered everywhere whch have to be cleaned up, lawns where grass has to grow, flowers which have too shoot up, bare trees which have to be clothed....the list goes on...and in the end Montreal will once again be beautiful! The people also have a bit of beautifying to do, once the pale and pasty faces see the sun, and once the layers of clothes are shed to reveal beautiful bodies!...My next painting is exactly that...the transformation of winter to spring...I will post it in my next blog, as I have to go work on it in the studio now!