Sunday, March 16, 2014


I always thought that March Madness had to do with how crazy and mad everyone here becomes after such a long winter but no, it has to do with the March Hare's mating season and then the term was transferred onto basketball! Well I for one, think it is an appropriate term for Montrealers in March!  We are all a bit mad...spring is here, but it isn't.  And it won't really come till May.  We want to go out and celebrate, shed our winter jackets, gloves and hats, run in the parks!, but no it's still freezing and the snow hasn't melted...need I go on?  So I will not be going out to paint any watercolours soon.  The studio gives the semblance of spring with all the plants and streaming sunshine!  If I close my eyes, it almost feels tropical!  I will concentrate my madness at cleaning up and arranging all the paintings after the Ottawa show.  It went very well and there was a great vibe before during and after, despite the physical difficulties of putting on such a big show! These days so much falls on the artists shoulders...we have to be the creators, the transporters, the publicists,the goes on! K had a dream that a museum offered to sponsor a show for me:)

King Midas and Tsar Novinar were my big collectors for this show.  The articles that came out were wonderful, especially by the lovely S.  I had a lot if good comments regarding the press and especially the painting of the Carica.  Who would ever guess that I would paint a Serbian Tsarina, but inspiration is a strange travels the ages!