Monday, March 27, 2017

Golden people

I haven't written for a long time an was surprised to open my blog and see numerous notices about cookies! It will now be more difficult to get to my blog, I assume. Since I am not very technical, I did not understand Google attempts at explaining how to exactly remove that notice without getting new and worse ones. So, i will try to update my blog without doing anything about the cookie notice.

Recently I have been painting some portraits on Gold plate and I call them my Golden people! Most of them are well known Canadians, such as Eugenie Bouchard! I have also painted Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin and call them my Golden Serbs. They were painted in oil on canvas. My portrait of Leonard Cohen is in black and white, but he is still in the Golden people category!

Other than that, I'm continuing my sensu-expressionist series, this time using more acrylics, mainly because it dries so fast and leaves the colours fresh and vibrant! M is a great model, full of inner angst covered by a cool exterior, perfect as a muse!

Well, that's it for the update, I will now get back to figuring out this cookie business! Why did they need to put it on my blog? Questions, questions. Google answers the big questions, such as why is there Global warming, but not the small ones, such as why did a Cookie notice appear on my blog?