Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Peer Assessment Committee, dreaded words!

Whenever there is a peer assessment committee in Art,  I shiver and know I won't make the cut.  This time it was from the Canada Council from which I had asked a grant. We rely for help in order to keep our art pure and as non-commercial as possible, but the support is hard to come by.  It's as V said; there's a whole method to writing grants, it's even taught at Art schools! More so than the actual art! I guess I should use the rejection experience in "finding the other means to pursue my artistic endeavours", as Michel Gaboury, the  Program Officer wrote.  The titles, the process, it's all so bureaucratic, and so far fetched from art itself, especially my art, which is based on instinct and emotion.  I guess the only thing artists like me can do is rely on themselves and their own " peer assessment committees", made up of friends and family:)