Sunday, July 22, 2012

JULY: Too Beautiful, Too Fast

The month of July in Montreal has been beautiful this year, despite the unavoidable heat waves. Everyone here is on vacation these days and I am painting outside whenever I get the chance.  The part of St. Lawrence in front of the studio is pretty empty and the whole area is starting to look abandoned.  I don't know if it's because of the new owner's greed, which has driven out tenants, or because of the hot summer. I'll wait and see how August is on "the Main", as we call it.

I've been painting more abstract expressionist paintings lately.  Is there something about getting older which draws us to abstraction?  You realise that it's easier and more fun! I've always had abstract elements in my work.  If you take any small section of my canvases it can be a solid abstract painting.  Anyways, since I still can't post any photos, I write.  I'll have to ask an expert how to get my blog to work properly again.  Till then , a poem: July... too hot, too beautiful to last,
                            I asked it not to move so fast!