Sunday, November 17, 2013

Effort of movement vs involuntary movement

As long as we are alive, there is movement that the brush or spatula can convey in paint.  Sometimes if I look at one of my paintings, it seems to be actually breathing.  I think that is because, as I paint the model, I record the slight oscillations of light and minuscule changes in position that result from breathing.  So the paintings are always in motion, wether it's an athlete or a sleeping beauty!  I am working on both right now, but will not be able to download any photos, simply because the process would take too long without the right I will wait till my next show to display them.  For now, only the few who visit my studio can see them.

I realize that working with pallet knives allows me a greater richness of colour than with brushes.  The brush is best for long and uninterrupted strokes describing form, while the pallet knife is for building physical substance.

For portraits from life, I use more brushes, but when I work from photos, the spatula is best.  Tomorrow, I will continue J's portrait and so far am using only brushwork.  He told me his favourite colour is red, so I've made the background a beautiful ruby red using a translucent layers of acrylics....