Thursday, February 27, 2014

February update

I have been working hard for my upcoming expo in Ottawa for Women's Day 2014!  I worked a lot on the Serbian Tsarina and she is now finished, except for the final varnish!  It was not just the act of painting which took is a melange of history, emotion, logic, colour, poetry and composition.

The other  portrait that I finished is of M.S.C.!  It shows her extreme generosity and kindness, but I think it also captures her logical and analytical side, as well as her womanliness!  It is only a drawing, but it has a lot of personality!  Sometimes we can say more with one line than with many colours!

This exhibit is important, because I'm gathering some of  my paintings of women over time, and will let them say something!  It's as though the paintings paint themselves over the years and always know what they mean.  They only wait to be called out (shown) at the right time.  There are still more waiting, like actors in the wings.  Men, women, children...all waiting their turn, the right time to tell their story.