Saturday, April 28, 2018

Post to update Blog

There is really no excuse for not writing more, other than that it's hard work! All the people that are constantly writing and posting something, are actually working! They are not just chatting or dilly-dallying, they are working! One has to find time, to concentrate themselves, and to take time to communicate, or at least jot something down.
Regardless of my love for privacy, which, by the way, doesn't exist anymore, I still should write a few things down, seeings that I have opened a blog. Writing on the internet is like being in different states of undress on a busy street. Facebook may be akin to walking totally naked along St. Lawrence Blvd., while Linkedin might be like walking partly dressed, on Sherbrooke. And of course, all the rest, emails, twitter, Instagram, etc, many ways to lose your privacy:)
But enough on internet pontification!
I will comment on tonight's consular event. Bravo to Michael Polack and his wife for organizing a great affair for  the Netherlands. His charisma and oratorial ability were first and foremost. It was nice to see all the Consuls and so much orange! The dashing Italian Consul General dashed in as well as the handsome Spanish Consul General. Yuri was charming as always and I was happy to speak about Art to the new consul General of South Korea! The nice Chinese Consul General speaks only French, bravo! Montreal is really bilingual, or should I say multilingual!

Well, so much about consular affairs. The Art is the topic, or at least it should be! My new painting of M is a dichotomy of perfection and discomfort.  I must ask the model to find a more comfortable pose. I guess it reflects life at the moment; it is hard to align everything with ease as before; more effort is required to find a pose which is comfortable and believable in a painting. It will probably take a few weeks or months to tell the whole story, but I am happy to be finally working on a big new painting.

The portraits are lining up for my upcoming exhibition! I think I will exhibit about 20, but the hard thing is choosing which ones to exhibit! And it will be hard to pack and send them. I wonder how other artists send their work overseas? So far, I have taken paintings personally, or paid a lot for one or two to be mailed. How will I mail so many on such short notice?

Blogs are meant to be read, but my blog is really more of a personal journal, though very sparse, since there are no photos and I rarely write.

But that is something in itself.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Slow to post in freezing January

One reason I'm not posting is simply, that I continue to use old technology. All my info is on this old iPad and I still haven't transferred it to the new one, admittedly, not really knowing how to go about it. It's easier to transfer things from PC's than from iPads. Since my internet activity is so slow, I keep it minimal.
Anyways, to get back to the original theme of this little blog; Art! My production has been rather slow lately, as I have tried to juggle other responsibilities. During the last two months, I have created about 5 works of fine art and about 3 poems. One painting was an abstract and it really came as a surprise. I mostly do abstracts when in a good mood, expressing positive energy! It takes a lot of physical energy to paint them! I used up a lot of my acrylic paints, since they are perfect for thick relief! Most of my abstracts now are Acrylic since they dry so fast and clean easily. But some of my best abstract backgrounds have been in oil and various pigments. There is beauty and surprise in the chemical reaction that takes place with the oils, pigments and various mediums.
And of course, the consular events of the last month! I missed  a few, but enjoyed the new Romanian Consul General's beautiful presentation and the fact that she is a very smart lady. The buffet spread was most artistic, like an abstract painting:)
Also, our new Mayor, Valerie Plante, the first female mayor of Montreal, invited the consular corps for season's greetings, and we were privileged to meet her friendly and lively new team!
Most of the consuls came to meet her despite the freezing weather, and she greeted everyone with charm and sincerity. I often see surprise when I mention Serbia, so I spend a lot of time talking about Tesla, Djokovic and the beauty of Serbia as a country to visit.
This has been a cold, cold January here in Montreal, and there is only so much freezing weather, ice, sleet, wind and snow that one can brave without catching something, which in my case is the flu. So, here's waiting for better health and better weather!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Before I forget November

Maybe, because it's the last month before the holidays, or maybe because so much happens in it, November seems to speed by every year, and almost become unmemorable; neither Autumn, nor Winter, an in-between month. Of course, I'm talking from the point of someone who lives in a big city in the northern hemisphere. But I'm getting carried away about, and by, November. It is still here and I will mention a few more Consular events lest I forget them.
After the beautiful opera singing, and quality films, there was the Consular corps lunch. It always surprises to see that most of the consuls are still male. The consular corps has no equal representation rule since it's up to each country to decide. Serbia is very progressive, as they have posted many female diplomats all over the world! I was lucky to sit at a table surrounded by the most charming consuls there.
Then there was the, " Grand-Messe", Church concert partly organized by the Romanian Consulate. Very nice choir and 4 gorgeous solo voices!
The work at the house is taking much more time than expected and so I have some extra time to write this little public diary/blog while overseeing the workers, etc., and much less time to go to my studio to paint. Who would guess that one new shower was so much dust and work!
But this week I certainly plan to finish my painting of lovely T.J.
Writing this feels so private that I have to remind myself of the possibility that someone else might read it. It's a very modest foray into the internet world. Like an apartment with an open door, but you didn't send any formal invitations.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November colours and Consular Events!

It seems that November is the busiest month for all kinds of events; a flurry of activities before the winter sets in! Apart from National days there are musical and movie events. I missed the German National day in early autumn, as I was in Europe, but I came back just in time for the well attended Turkish National day! The Ambassador to ICAO spoke a few words in Serbian to me, as he had previously been posted in Belgrade.
What really impressed me was the recent "Soirée Lyrique Consulaire", sponsored by the Spanish and Uruguayan Consulates. The competing young Opera singers displayed such incredible talent! It would be hard to choose a winner!
The Italians also held a Soirée musicale that weekend with beautiful Italian arias.
The first Argentinian Consular  Film Festival was a real treat with a very amusing film called "Me casé con un Boludo"; very well acted and humorous. Congrats to the Lovely Argentinian Consul General and her team for organizing a very successful opening with free tickets for the night!
Apart from this, November has been beautiful with many orange/mauve/grey sunsets set against a cerulean sky, which I find particular to this month! That combination of colours inspired one of my paintings 2 years ago, and is slightly present in the new painting I am working on now! I hope to finish it while we are still in November!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Sumptuous colours at Moroccan Celebration

The colours of Morocco are very inspiring to an artist, and those colours were in full view in Montreal for the Moroccan Kings's day! Who needs to travel, when countries comes to them on such grand occasions! It really felt as though we were entering another world as we climbed the decorated staircase and were warmly greeted by hosts in their National regalia.  The beautiful Consul General was dressed in a flowing embroidered silk robe, as well as many of the other ladies present! The meal was a masterpiece to behold, but it was served quite late, though worth the wait for those who did. Everyone was friendly and in a good mood, even though no alcohol was served. All in all, a multicoloured visual treat! I will certainly use some of those colours in my paintings.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Why are we here, the eternal question

Even a Rabbi on TV asked the question of what it's all about! Who can give us the answer?.....Gaugin asked it on one of his paintings....did he answer it with that painting? I guess anyone's answer to the question is valid!
What would a criminal say? The same as an artist or a scientist? Of course religion should give us the answer, but if it did why are there so many religions and why are they all competing?
All there is to do is ask questions and work towards answering them....I think there is a slight answer in my portrait painting of A. I love it so far; there is a purity of character as well as a reserve.
Answers are infinite, but perceptions of them are temporary

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Relaxed atmosphere at Egypt's National day celebration

I was surprised how relaxed the celebration for Egypt's National day was! The space was small enough to create intimacy and large enough to host so many people. Everyone was friendly and in a great mood. But most of all, the food was marvellous. It was more than a cocktail! It was a full and plentiful dinner of the tastiest Egyptian specialties. Bravo Consul General, Amal Salama!
Each event I have been to so far has been unique; a small portal to the celebrant Country.
I was happy to invite my lovely Egyptian friend, M, and she certainly enjoyed it.
The next day, I gold plated a small canvas for my next portrait......