Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Already

It's all about time and lack of it.  If there were no time would we accomplish more?  What would a world without time be like?  Is it possible?  I can't imagine it.  So yesterday part of my long lost family came to the studio as well as new model, F. I always seem to paint people in transition, from one stage of their lives to another.  I still haven't photographed the portrait, which was painted under reflectors positioned on one side.  That created very strong and dramatic shadows.  The portrait shows exactly how the model was feeling.  That's what happens with my portraits...they tell the truth....will put it up soon!  As far as other events, I did not go to the vernissage at Kafart tonight as I asked a couple of peple last minute and did not feel like going alone.  It is the first time that I am exhibiting small abstracts...very pretty!  It is getting colder here in Montreal at the beginning of December and I am surrounded by Saggitarians with whom I get along with very well, and which means lots of birthday gifts!  Maybe the little abstracts!  They are so beautifully framed, too.