Saturday, May 9, 2015

True Art on St. Lawrence Blvd. today! Montrealska Devojka.

As I was going home in my car, I noticed a girl with alabaster white skin and dark red hair passing in front of me.I thought that she would make a wonderful model.  Her shoulders were bare and she wore a short black dress.  While stopped at the stop sign, I noticed a young man lying face down on the sidewalk as though dead, yet I knew he wasn't.  He had a muscular thin physique and shaved head. It was a magnificent pose, even though he was sprawled on the pavement! As the girl crossed the street in front of me, she immediately noticed the young man and approached him.  I was surprised when she reached out and touched him, as other ( mostly girls)  quickly gathered around him.  She, very lightly, touched his shoulder and he raised his head from the pavement.  That was when a car let me through and I drove away, looking back in my mirror, seeing her still there.  I don't know what happened, but it was life's art unfolding in front of me.  I had my camera next to me, but did not take a photo, it all happened so unexpectedly.  The image remained in my mind the whole ride back, and still does.  I wonder who stayed, who helped, who cared, what happened. It reminded me of the Serbian painting by Paja Jovanovic called, Kosovska Devojka.  Only this was Montreal and the young man was not on a battlefield, or was he?  I don't know if the girl gave him water, as the devojka in the painting did, or if her touch saved him.....but it was a moment of "Montrealska Devojka"!