Monday, June 19, 2017

American Consul General's Party in Montreal today

Wow! It was a lovely experience! The Consul General obviously has some of her priorities and beliefs in the right place! A virtual tour of the Grand Canyon, a small Art exhibit, and most importantly a father and his talented sons in fabulous First Nations costumes; speaking, singing and inspiring!  Watching the marvelous Indigenous dancer....what can I otherworldly experience! I have seen similar dancing on T.V., but never in real life! We were all blessed,...but some of the suits there were unaware.
There should be new rules....No more War! All the ways to resolve conflicts between Nations should be, through dance, sports, arts and any other non-violent competition!
Yes, it can be done...and the money spent on Arms can be spent otherwise and people can still MAKE money! Only, not the easy way; but the real entrepreneurial way, the new way: like renewable energy, and peaceful conflict! I think I just invented a phrase: Peaceful Conflict!
In any case, the Americans threw a beautiful and thought-out National Day Celebration. Bravo to those who organized this event and Bravo, outgoing Consul General, Nina Maria Fite!!!
Shall I speak of the other Consuls? There is so much to say...maybe write a blogel? That means blog-novel! Did I invent a new word this time?
But that would take a lot of time. It would be a fictional portrayal of our Consular Corps, and a nice time capsule:...imagine the Consul General with the impenetrable leaf green eyes...the suave Consul  accompanied by exotic beauties...the Grey wolf...the blue-eyed Slavic poet....
All are unique; each one a story, a poem, a be told, be painted!

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