Saturday, June 17, 2017

Art and Diplomacy

I was very happy to sign into my blog so easily this time, especially when there is a lot to say! Though, I would need a faster iPad to actually say it all! For now, it suffices to say that as a newly appointed Honorary consul of Serbia to Quebec, I am being kept busy by many consular events, so that I have to find more time to paint and organize artistic events! Art and culture have always been an arm of diplomacy, especially in peacetime! The more we paint, sing and create, the more likely we are a peaceful people! Contests between Nations should be only athletic and based on creativity and inventions that help people....but that is utopia!
I have always liked utopia, and maybe only through art and in art, it can exist!...For now, back to the easel!
All the portraits I have painted have been of artists, inventors, athletes and diplomats! We are all diplomats in our own way, n'est pas?

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