Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Art and guests on Swiss National Day

When I found out that the Swiss were celebrating their National day at the Museum of Contemporary  Art here in Montreal, I invited my daughter, a talented multidisciplinary artist, to accompany me!
We greeted the lovely Swiss Consul General with her husband, the Consul and his wife,  and then went to see the exhibition. We enjoyed it thoroughly and then went downstairs to get a bit of food. That's when the problems started. The space was too small for so many and the food was in the middle on a tiny table with hordes of hungry people waiting to get at it!
I will not go into details of the impolite woman who pushed her way, and insulted my daughter.....I will only say that we left without having tasted any food!
If I may suggest anything, it is that invitees to these events be more polite. Also, it might be a good idea to have some appetizers passed around so that the guests don't have to wait around the table impatiently.  I don't know who the Caterer was, but the job could have been done better, to avoid hunger and confrontation.
I am sorry that this was my daughter's first experience of a Consular event, and that she left it feeling hungry and disappointed, but she was right. Some of the guests were missing manners and some of the men were missing gallantry!
Of course, this does not reflect on Switzerland, but mainly on the society here! The superficial attitude of the guests was quite opposite to the mindful depth of  some of the Museum's exhibits, which many of the guests had the privilege of seeing. How is it possible that one experiences art and then fights for a grape? I guess That is art in itself.
Upstairs we experienced mind expanding Art  in peaceful quiet, and downstairs, mind shrinking rudeness of  high society crowded into a small space.

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